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5 Cat Breeds That Make The Best Pet For Kids

Cats are just like dogs. They make good pets which is why many kids would love to have one. Having a pet at home is great for kids since they get to bond with their pets. Cats like dogs are playful which is why kids would want to have them as pets. If you want to consider getting this for your kids, then you might want to take a look at the 5 breeds that would make the best pets for your kids:

Himalayan or Persian – if your kids love long haired pets, then this is one of the best choice you would want to have. The Persian or Himalayan breed are lap cats and your kids would certainly love taking care of these pets. These are considered indoor cats and come in great colors. You might need to explain to your kids that these pets need some maintenance because of its long hair.

Maine or Coon – is known to be one of the oldest natural cat breeds in North America. This breed is also referred to as the good natured ones. If your kids wish to have cats that retain its kitten qualities, then you need to get your kid a make Maine or Coon. The members of the Maine or Coon breed also have thick fur so you might need to tell your kids to maintain these pets for proper grooming.

Abyssinian – this is a short haired breed of cat which is best for kids who are allergic to fur. They have strong resemblance to the Egyptian breed although their history is unknown. These cats have almond shaped eyes and are very graceful. This breed would make a great pet for your little girls.

Briman – these cats are known to be ideal pets for kids especially kids who like combing the hair of their pets. These are long haired and are said to have originated from Burma. Their fur is a lot silkier as compared to the Persian variety. You would surely love the blue sky round shaped eyes of these amazing cats.

Ragdoll – this cat is laid back and is semi long haired. These are adorable pets that your kids would really love. These cats love human company which is why it is one of the best choices if you are looking for the perfect breed of cat for your kids. Your kids would certainly enjoy being around with these cuddly cats. This is also a great choice if you want to get your kids their own cats.

With the 5 choices of cat breeds to choose from, you would find it a lot easier to pick the best pet cat for your kids. Pick the best ones that your kids would surely love.

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